Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ulitmate Act of Love

If you have been following my personal journey as an artist, you should know by now that my creative process shifts like the wind.  Sometime I can be serious about the work I do as an artist and sometime "A girl just want to have fun."
I've completed six abstract paintings I call "Qart" (art based on the QR code).
My inspiration you ask?  Technology! They are all based on that awesome little black and white image that has attached itself to just about everything you buy. They call it the QR bar code. Yes, the one you scan with your bar code app scanner.
Go ahead.  You can scan the image right now to see the true meaning of this piece.

The Ultimate Act of Love   16 x 16 acrylic  by M.Hatcher


Alice E. Hatcher said...

Awesome Work!!! You are so Gifted!

ED said...

That Smart phone has just taken a hold of you. You went from "zero" to 90 mph as fast a humanly possible.