Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On July 8, 2009, I will be departing on a missions’ trip to Malawi, Africa for 10 days with First Baptist Church of Mandarin. We will be going to minister to the villagers of that region and assist the Mandarin Mission taskforce in their efforts to share the Gospel and show the love of Jesus Christ.

I am considering this trip as not only an outreach to impact people for Christ but also an opportunity for me to grow in my faith as a Christian. I am looking forward to the challenges that taking a step of faith will bring and also the rewards in spiritual growth. But it is the opportunity to serve others for our Lord Jesus Christ that offers me the greatest joy.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and minister, and I am asking you to join me. I seek your support and prayers for this venture. If you are able to financially assist with this trip, I would ask that you forward any donation with a check or money order payable to First Baptist Church Of Mandarin with my name on the memo line. The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those going on the mission trip. Every penny collected will be used to directly benefit our outreach to the Malawian villagers and the taskforce.

I thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support. May God Bless you Richly!


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